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27th July 2020|

We've had a bit of email trouble here at Hope Projects. If anyone has been trying to get in touch with us in late July, it probably didn't get through. Please accept our apologies, and [...]

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30/03/2021 @ 15:11
And the ice-cream is pretty good too
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Ben & Jerry's UK @benandjerrysUK
The UK's proposed asylum plans are absolute fudge. Here's just some of the reasons why:
25/03/2021 @ 6:39
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Today has been a challenging day. Our statement in response to the Government's New Plan for Immigration.
#EndDestitution #RefugeesWelcome

➑️ Full statement:
24/03/2021 @ 6:45
In the light of the proposals to restrict the right to #asylum being proposed by the Home Office this morning, Phils blog on channel crossing and our 'proud tradition of asylum'.
24/03/2021 @ 6:32
Vice Chancellor David Eastwood: Expand scholarships for forced migrants at the University of Birmingham! - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange
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