Hope gives them a roof over their heads, crisis grants for food and essentials and legal advice to get the right to live in safety

Hope Projects
Hope Projects10/07/2019 @ 15:57
Can I introduce you to Elaine and Sue? They are amazing Hope volunteers who are planning to raise money and awareness for Hope projects by walking the not inconsiderable distance of 112 miles.

Please chip in to help them, and read more about their story here. If you can't chip in at this time, can you share their story and encourage others to help?

Hope Projects
Hope Projects05/07/2019 @ 11:01
Over the last month:
7 people (all previously homeless) we have been working with have been given housing and support by the Home Office after challenging flawed asylum refusals.
A pregnant woman who we housed after the Home Office left her street homeless has had a baby. Both doing well and she will be given housing once she is out of hospital.
1 man had been given refugee status and can start building a new life in safety here in the UK.

What we are doing is working. Thanks to everyone who supports us. You make this happen.


Hope Destitution Fund

Hope provides cash grants of £20 per week for up to 6 months for people left destitute while challenging flawed refusals of asylum. People are usually staying in Hope Housing, with friends or family, or with other charities.

Hope Housing

We have 10 houses in Birmingham and the Black Country that are home to 29 people left homeless and destitute while challenging flawed refusals of asylum. We usually house people for up to 6 months. Hope pays all fuel bills, council tax and water rates.

Hope Peer Support

Well Being is central to the Hope approach. Our housing support staff and volunteers make sure that people are safe and able to make friends and connections in their own neighbourhoods. We also run a women’s group and a peer support group for people fighting flawed refusals of asylum.

Hope Legal

We make sure that everyone in our housing has high quality legal advice. Where we cannot get legal aid, Hope’s own legal expert provides advice and representation.