We’re delighted that you’re thinking of helping Hope Projects.
So what can you do?


Your donations keep the lights on in our houses and allow our clients to buy food and essentials. Every penny helps. Regular donations, however small, are especially welcome because they help us plan for the future with confidence. You can donate to Hope.


Why not get friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you to do something amazing for Hope? Run a marathon or just down the street. Or a cake bake, a coffee morning or a bookstall? The possibilities are endless. Get in touch and tell us your idea.


We’re often looking for people to give their time to Hope. We’re especially keep on people with a legal background or practical DIY skills. Get in touch and lets see what we can do.


If you work or volunteer with asylum seekers or homeless people in Birmingham, Coventry or the Black Country make sure that people who might benefit from Hope know all about it. Have a look at the ‘I need help’ section of the website to see who we help and how they can get referred.


Some amazing people have given us use of their houses. That’s a really big deal, but if you can help we’d be delighted to talk to you about it. Or you could consider leaving something to Hope in your will to make a difference into the future. Lets talk.