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Phil has been working with destitute asylum seekers for over 15 years. He is responsible for the overall management of Hope Projects, including fundraising and new developments.

Lockdown learning

Staff at Hope projects have had to think of new ways of working during the pandemic: the office has been closed for the duration, and contacts were limited to phone calls, on-line, and emergencies only. Some residents, such as the women in the picture, have been doing their English and other classes from home - [...]

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We've had a bit of email trouble here at Hope Projects. If anyone has been trying to get in touch with us in late July, it probably didn't get through. Please accept our apologies, and can you please resend? Thanks - everyone at Hope

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Gunboats. And our proud tradition…

(originally blogged by Phil Davis, Hope Coordinator, at “The UK has a proud tradition of providing asylum to those who need it and the safety and wellbeing of those in our care is of the utmost importance.” I know this to be true. The Home Office repeat it frequently. Somewhere in comms in Croydon [...]

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No Evictions

Hope Projects have joined Naccom Network, Asylum Matters, Migrant Rights Network and over 200 organisations writing to the Prime Minister to demand an end to plans to evict thousands of asylum seekers onto the streets. "Evictions into homelessness at any time are unacceptable. At this time, as the UK returns to Covid-19 alert level 4, [...]

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Bearing the Brunt – the story of a Hope Projects Client

A child* at the age of 13 was taken from one part of India (before partition) to live in another part. Years later Pakistan and India parted and then eventually Pakistan and Bangladesh separated. Now she was living in Bangladesh, her third country. Bangladesh is to the east of India She did not [...]

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