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26/05/2020 @ 13:09
Help wanted. Hope would like to talk to someone who was a platform agnostic case management system expert with experience of small charities doing legal or paralegal work and who could help us decide what was the best route for us. We can pay. Who are the people?
19/05/2020 @ 10:08
The wonderful @NACCOMnetwork is looking for a new director. Second best job in the sector, and mine isn't available... Fabulous opportunity to make a massive difference at a critical time.

apply and / or RT
16/05/2020 @ 5:40
This gives such an insight into the way the Home Office views migrants.
16/05/2020 @ 5:11
How do you stay at home if you don't have one? Asking for some friends.
15/05/2020 @ 12:57
This may be a little more optimistic. Thanks to @Shelter for the link