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4th May 2021|

This is a shortened version of a blog published here: I’ve spent a few weeks looking at some numbers which tell an extraordinary story about the asylum system, and the ‘New Plan for Immigration’ on [...]

All Women

17th March 2021|

The shocking murder of Sarah Everard has prompted Boris Johnson to  speak out about his “determination to drive out violence against women and girls and make every part of the criminal justice system work to [...]

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05/05/2021 @ 13:12
"We want to... reduce the ability for claimants to draw out the process by introducing new elements to their claims" (HO, a new plan for immigration)
We used an FOI request to show why this is such a dangerous argument
04/05/2021 @ 13:17
The Home Office wants to restrict 'further submissions'. We used a freedom of information request to show why this is such a bad idea.
Short version. Thousands of people would have been returned to face persecution without them.
Long version:
27/04/2021 @ 7:17
Meaning that the Home Office is OK to make people street homeless again now...
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