Gunboats. And our proud tradition…

(originally blogged by Phil Davis, Hope Coordinator, at “The UK has a proud tradition of providing asylum to those who need it and the safety and wellbeing of those in our care is of the utmost importance.” I know this to be true. The Home Office repeat it frequently. Somewhere in comms in Croydon [...]

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Lockdown learning

Staff at Hope projects have had to think of new ways of working during the pandemic: the office has been closed for the duration, and contacts were limited to phone calls, on-line, and emergencies only. Some residents, such as the women in the picture, have been doing their English and other classes from home - [...]

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We've had a bit of email trouble here at Hope Projects. If anyone has been trying to get in touch with us in late July, it probably didn't get through. Please accept our apologies, and can you please resend? Thanks - everyone at Hope

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Bearing the Brunt – the story of a Hope Projects Client

A child* at the age of 13 was taken from one part of India (before partition) to live in another part. Years later Pakistan and India parted and then eventually Pakistan and Bangladesh separated. Now she was living in Bangladesh, her third country. Bangladesh is to the east of India She did not [...]

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Brains Buzzing at The Hive

Hope's Quiz Night at The Hive on December 3rd had brains buzzing and raised nearly £500 towards the Winter Appeal. Congratulations to the winning team from our colleagues at the RMC and their friends. Questions varied on a range of topics including 'Matters Medical', 'Asylum Geography', and 'Youthful Talent', whilst a topical round entitled 'Political [...]

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Winter Appeal – Come in from the Cold

Can you help Hope Projects to bring homeless people in from the winter weather? We provide rooms for 38 destitute asylum seekers plus legal advice to address the underlying causes. “If your asylum application is refused you are evicted from your home and barred from paid work and all benefits. Our hostile and harsh system [...]

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In-house Climate Change

Something is in the air at Hope Projects’ houses in Birmingham. That something has been under investigation and the charity’s response will coincide neatly with events all across the world. When asylum seekers are refused asylum they are labelled as NRPF – No Recourse to Public Funds. Hope’s clients are barred from paid employment and [...]

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