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No Evictions

2nd May 2020|

Hope Projects have joined Naccom Network, Asylum Matters, Migrant Rights Network and over 200 organisations writing to the Prime Minister to demand an end to plans to evict thousands of asylum seekers onto the streets. [...]

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21/05/2021 @ 5:33
Home Office rules will make people homeless, and then punish them for it. thats wrong. #SupportDontDeport HopeProjectsWM photo
20/05/2021 @ 13:32
Everyone deserves a safe place to live and no-one should be punished for being homeless
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Homeless Link @HomelessLink
Lots more organisations have signed the pledge not to support new immigration rules.

Thank you all

Have you signed yet?

18/05/2021 @ 10:52
Today marks the funeral of Adrian Randall, an extraordinary man who was, among many other things, a valued and much loved trustee of Hope Projects.

a few memories of him.
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