The asylum system puts lives at risk on the streets as it does on the seas. Its the same hostile environment in Birmingham as it is in Calais.

Please help us. And please share this appeal.

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This has been a extraordinary year. Our work is always challenging but in addition (like so many people) we have been dealing with Covid. As Summer turned to Autumn we responded to the crisis in Afghanistan; supporting and representing people who had been refused asylum but would be in real danger if they had to return to face the Taliban.

“… I ended up homeless, sofa-surfing in people’s houses, and finally exhausted all alternative support networks.  Hope Projects have saved my life…You have to be homeless, destitute, traumatized, hungry, scared and desperate for a safe roof over your head and a good sleep, to understand what really Hope Housing means to us.”

Homelessness is never right, but to be street homeless in the winter can be deadly.

We provide warm, safe housing for people who would otherwise be on the streets. We provide crisis cash grants for food and essentials for people who have no other means of support. We can help people get access to vital medical support and we provide high quality legal advice and representation.

We can’t do this without you. The more support we get, the more we can do. The bigger difference we can make together.

Thank you