Eat out to help out is a nice little scheme. Support your favourite restaurant on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and the government will pick up half of the tab up to £10.
But it only works for those who can afford to eat out. For Hope’s clients, destitute asylum seekers, £10 would be all they could spend on food and anything else that they need to buy for those 3 days. A meal out, even subsidised, would be out of the question.
During the pandemic we have provided extra money for our clients for food, as well as toiletries and cleaning products to keep them and the wider community safe.
So here is what we’re asking you to do. #eatoutgiveback.
If you can afford it, and it feels safe, go for a meal out on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Enjoy it. You deserve it.
Then donate the money you save to a charity that helps those who cannot afford to take advantage of this scheme. We’d love you to support Hope Projects (!/DonationDetails#%2FDonationDetails) but there are plenty of other charities who would be grateful for your donation.
Then tell other people what you have done on social media; challenge them to #eatoutgiveback and share this post