Can you help Hope Projects to bring homeless people in from the winter weather?

We provide rooms for 38 destitute asylum seekers plus legal advice to address the underlying causes.

“If your asylum application is refused you are evicted from your home and barred from paid work and all benefits. Our hostile and harsh system leaves people street homeless with no money – total destitution – with appalling consequences for well-being and health.”

Andrew had stood up against militia violence in his own country; but in the end he became a target, and so came to Britain looking for safety. He had fled real danger, and endured many hardships on his journey and knew nobody in the UK, but he was denied asylum due to poor legal advice and poor judgements.

“If you are an asylum seeker you have too many worries such as how your case is going and how your family are going, but if you have to sleep outdoors you are not even safe. It is very damaging.”

Please help Hope Projects to help people like Andrew to survive through the winter, and to rebuild their lives by finding the temporary homes and advice they urgently need.

£10 provides a grant for 3 days of food and essentials for an asylum seeker

£20 would provide a week’s heating and light for one refugee room in winter

£80 provides a clean new single mattress for a bedroom

To donate £10 text HOPE4WINTER to 70085

or go to our Winter Appeal special page


Thank you for your help.