Hard choices

This blog post came out of a workshop I ran for the excellent NACCOM network. My day job is coordinator of Hope project in Birmingham, providing housing, financial support and legal advice to asylum seekers left homeless and destitute by flawed asylum refusals. One of the things that makes Hope distinctive is our focus on the [...]

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In a perfect world there might be no borders. In the real world however there are borders and there are immigration controls and those of us committed to social justice and some version of human rights have to use the tools available to us. The principle tool we have at our disposal is the 1951 [...]

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Hope is a destitution project. Destitution is a funny word. In the refugee sector we use it a lot. In the outside world not so much. I use it so much I sometimes miss the archaic sound of it. It's a Victorian sounding word, not really comfortable in modern language. It belongs with gas lamps [...]

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