Hope’s Quiz Night at The Hive on December 3rd had brains buzzing and raised nearly £500 towards the Winter Appeal.

Congratulations to the winning team from our colleagues at the RMC and their friends.

Questions varied on a range of topics including ‘Matters Medical’, ‘Asylum Geography’, and ‘Youthful Talent’, whilst a topical round entitled ‘Political Leaders’ elicited a fine chorus of groans!

Sample questions included

  1. In which sport are the New York Yankees a major team?
  2. Renal medicine is associated with which part of the body?
  3. Which country currently hosts the most refugees?
  4. About how much of the total food consumed in the UK is grown in the UK?
  5. At what age did Sachin Tendulkar play his first test for India (a) 14, (b)16 or (c) 18?
  6. In which country would you find the city of Shiraz which gives its name to a grape variety?

(answers at the foot of the page)

Many thanks to all who helped make it such an enjoyable evening and for your donations and time given in volunteering.

A big thank you also to The Hive in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter for their generous donation of a glass-fusing workshop as a prize and for being such a great venue.

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Answers: 1) Baseball / 2) Kidneys / 3) Turkey / 4) 50% / 5) 16 / 6) Iran)