When Louise, our well being worker found an art class for Hope residents to join, it began something special.

Muhammad had never done any drawing at all, but it quickly became clear he had a real gift, and he found the activity helped reduce his stress levels too.

Henok enjoyed the classes too, and we knew of other talented individuals amongst residents past and present, including Tesfaye and Marie Antoinette … so we decided to launch a lockdown design competition.

The competition has uncovered so many talents and skills, and we have been truly ‘wowed’ and humbled by the gifts on display as each new drawing comes in. So we now want to share with you some of the designs that Hope’s clients and staff have put together.

By partnering with TeeMill we can offer for sale clothing and bags – all made ethically using organic materials and renewable electricity.
Any surplus from sales will go directly towards the work of Hope Projects. Of course our first stop was to buy each of the refugee artists a T shirt with their own design on it. Phil Davis Hope Projects Coordinator says “It’s great to see how proud the artists are that their designs are being taken seriously. This is a rare good news story in the asylum sector.”

You can see all the designs, and maybe buy one for yourself or a friend at https://hopeprojects.teemill.com/