Some videos about destitute asylum-seekers in the UK and those who help them.

  • The Destitution Trap, Refugee Action
  • Powerful short film featuring destitute refused asylum seekers talking about the devastating impact destitution has had on their lives, and their fears of returning home. For more info about what you can do to help go to

  • Returning Home, Refugee Council
  • The Refugee Council is a human rights charity working to ensure refugees are given the protection they need. At the Refugee council, we believe that refugees should be treated as we would expect to be treated ourselves.

  • Land of No Return, Guardian video
  • All across the country, communities are organising themselves to stop their friends and neighbours from being deported. From lobbying the Home Office to foiling dawn raids, the resistance will stop at nothing to keep failed asylum seekers safe in Britain. Guardian video by Rachel Stevenson and Harriet Grant.

  • End destitution of refused asylum seekers in the UK, Amnesty
  • Here's a trailer of Nick Broomfield's short film for Amnesty International on the issue of destitute refused asylum seekers in the UK. Amnesty is campaigning to end the scandal of destitution of refused asylum seekers. Watch the entire documentary and take action at

  • Asylum seekers in the UK, human rights have been abused, Guardian video