The Hope Destitution Fund assists destitute asylum-seekers who are barred from "recourse to public funds" in and around Birmingham. Since March 2003 the Fund has raised and distributed more than a million pounds.

The project works with and takes referrals from

  • ASIRT (Asylum Support and Immigration Resource Team),
  • Baobab Women's Project
  • BIRCH (Birmingham Community Hosting Network),
  • the British Red Cross (West Midlands),
  • Entraide,
  • Lifeline Options
  • Refuge Action,
  • the Refugee and Migrant Centre, and
  • Restore (Birmingham Churches Supporting Asylum Seekers and Refugees),

and also takes referrals direct from Hope Projects workers.

Requests for assistance from the Fund must be made via one of the above organisations.

Donate to the Fund

We welcome donations to the Hope Destitution Fund - click here to donate online

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